Kakrao Project helping communities in Kenya affected by HIV AIDS

St John’s church council has agreed to work on a project with the charity “Send a Cow”. This charity began in 1988 when a group of Christian farmers in England were moved to help farmers in Uganda by sending dairy cows which would provide both milk, fertiliser and calves for the future. The charity has moved on a lot since then; cows are no longer sent from this country but are sourced within Africa. Also the work is more extensive, helping to develop improved farming techniques, providing seeds, preventing soil erosion, improving crop and animal husbandry, developing skills of planning, conflict resolution and gender equality. The charity still has a strong Christian base and is working on specific projects in a number of African countries.

This charity was chosen because it’s not just about raising money; we will learn about the project we are supporting and hear about its progress. We will have a better understanding of some of the issues being faced far from our own community – situations that we often hear about only through newspapers and television. There is also material for prayer and reflection, material for young people and even suggestions for making an African “Keyhole garden”. So people with different interests and skills in the church can find their way of being involved.

“Send a Cow” is launching a new project in September 2017, the Kakrao project, which will support families in Kenya who are badly affected by HIV AIDS. The families are weak through illness and find producing their food really hard. Often the elderly are looking after young granchildren because of the illness or death of parents. They need support to learn new ways of living and producing their food. This is not support that continues for ever – it is for three years to get them started on a journey of self-sufficiency. By becoming involved now we can be in at the start of this project. There is much more about the charity and about this project on their website (sendacow.org) and there are videos on YouTube which explain about the work.

This is an exciting opportunity to become involved in real development work in Africa. On our part we will need to consider all sorts of ideas for fundraising. It needs to involve many people in either fundraising, raising awareness or in prayer. If you would like to be more specifically involved in ensuring the project is a success, please talk to a member of the Development Team.

Below are some videos that tell you more about the project. Keep in touch with all the “Send a Cow” activities by following the links at the bottom of this page.

The Kakrao Project: Caren’s story from Send a Cow.


Another view of Caren’s story and the Kakrao Project from Send a Cow.


Sylvia Owino, project leader on the ground, talks abouts hopes and expectations of the project:-

Kakrao Project update from Sylvia Owino from Send a Cow.

Prayer Updates

We continue to learn of the progress of the work in Kakrao and ask for the work to be always in our prayers. Here you can see the progress reports and prayer requests:-

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Kakrao project prayer update Jan 2019

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Keep track of activities for Send a Cow by following the links below

1.    On 13th August 2017, St John’s held a service of Mission in which our Mission Partnership with “Send a Cow” was launched. Click here for more details

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4.    Food for Thought – 3rd October 2017 – What is the current situation in Kakrao and what can we do to help?

5.    Pasty and peas lunch – 4th October 2017 – The Cup and Natter team extended the normal coffee morning to include lunch with funds for Send a Cow

6.    Messy Church – 12th October 2017 – Inasmuch…. Our World Family – The story of Send a Cow.

7.    Circuit Mission Fair – 26th November 2017, including a display of our work with Send a Cow.

8.    Body Shop Evening sale – 9th March 2018. Hilary Walton held an evening demonstrating and selling Body Shop products with proceeds for Send a Cow

9.   Food for Thought – 12th June 2018 – African meal and thanks to Jennifer for her ministry.

10.  Church Weekend at Abbot Hall – June 29th to July 1st 2018 – surplus from the weekend allocated to Send a Cow.

11.   Call My Bluff Evening – Friday 19th October 2018 – find the right definition for words you’ve never heard of – fun with pie and peas supper.

12.  Sale of Advent Calendars – November 2018 – Free Trade calendars, thanks to Churches Together in Horwich and Rivington.