Book of Remembrance

We never forget those who were dear to us but who are no longer with us. There are times when their memory is particularly strong or when we need to gather strength oursleves in remembering those who have passed away. Therefore in 2011 it was decided to create a garden of rememberance around the church which will eventually incorporate somewhere for quiet contemplation. A book of remembrance is also available in the church to note those we wish to remember.

Clearing of weeds and cutting back of overgrown trees and shrubs to the rear of the car park  was begun by a small band of willing workers.  A bark pathway has been made prior to planting at the front of the church.  A simple but effective scheme has been agreed, which has incorporated spring bulbs and summer wild flowers.  The work in the front of the church is now complete and clearing of the area next to the garden at the back of the church is transforming what was an overgrown and unsightly piece of land.

The Book of Remembrance is a large leatherette bound book which is kept in Church in a glass covered case. The Book is updated with names and details of deceased and is opened at the appropriate month for all to see.

A minimum donation of £10 has been agreed and for that the deceased’s name and date of birth and death is recorded in the Book of Remembrance.  The donation will also go towards the general building, establishing and upkeep of the Remembrance Garden.  It is a one-off donation but you can donate for as many individuals as you wish and of course you may wish to donate more than the minimum.  The deceased person does  not need to have had any connection to St John’s Church.

Following burial or memorial services at St John’s, members of the public may wish to have the deceased’s details entered into the Book of Remembrance.  If you would like more information about this, please ask the Minister or follow this link for a donation form. Memorial Garden Donation Form