27 February 2010 was “Saturday Night is Music Night” at St John’s when members and young people gave us an evening of light entertainment.

We saw another side to Rev Graham as he had us laughing at his quips and sayings. We have seen Sam, Ben and Matthew grow in stature and maturity over the years in their music and they entertained us very admirably with their choices. Popular pieces of ‘Greensleeves’, ‘Spanish Romance’, ‘Clair de Lune’ and ‘Moonlight Sonata’ were especially pleasing to listen to. You could hear the Cuckoo, imagine yourself on a Pony Ride and be a Grenadier Guard. We had a variety of other music from Paul and his flute – from ‘In the Mood’ to ‘Cabaret’ and ‘Elite Syncopations’. Graham on his guitar brought out remembrance of times gone by with his Lanky songs: ‘Lanky Spoken ‘Ere!’, ‘Sit thi daewn’, ‘Clatter O’t Clogs’ and ‘Please con I ‘av an ice-cream’.

Icthus gave us music too – ‘From a Distance’ and ‘Softly as I Leave You’. Katy sang ‘Somewhere Over the Rainbow’.

Yes it was truly a night of talents – Sam with his guitar, Ben with his euphonium and Matthew on the piano. Carole and helpers served us delicious cakes, tea and coffee. It was a pleasant evening’s entertainment and thank you to Paul and Graham for organising it. £421.00 was put into Church Funds.
[Sheila Hart]