Horwich Moor – 140th Anniversary

This was a splendid celebration afternoon, with many past and present friends and visitors, the worship inspiringly led by Rev Phil Mason on the theme of ‘Touch’.

The walls resonated with the sound of African drums and song as the children made their entrance to introduce the service. Their Presentation in words, movement and pictures took us on an historical journey through highlights from the one hundred and forty year period, including the founding of the very first Bottom o’th’Moor Sunday School, held in a cottage prior to Horwich Moor being built. Hymns and choruses were well-known and joyously sung by the congregation.

A Faith Tea was served after the service and whilst the delicious food was being enjoyed, it provided valuable time for extended fellowship and an opportunity for everyone to view the children’s History Board – a montage of the speical events featured in their Presentation.

Truly a Chapel Birthday to remember.

Kathey Denton and Kerris Milne
J.A.M. Club