Listening and Learning

Let the Children come to ME

The theme today is based on the story from Mark’s Gospel in which Jesus rebukes the disciples for wanting to keep the children away from him. Unless you become like a child, you will not enter God’s Kingdom. We concentrated on the importance of hearing and listening to each other whatever our age or experience. So the craft activities included those based on the need to listen and to work as a team. There was an obstacle course which needed to be negotiated blindfolded so it needed the help of a sighted person. There was the opportunity to create music by filling drinking glasses with different levels of water and tapping them with a wooden spoon. The enthusiasm of the children created some great music and rhythms. Another activity was to build the largest possible tower using cocktail sticks joined together by jelly sweets. An amazing variety of structures arose.  In addition there was a rose window to construct (looking like stained glass), a series of coded messages to decipher and a tree on which children hung prayers and thanks in the form of decorated leaves.

The worship focussed on the importance of hearing the voice and the ideas of children, yet realising that we are all just older children! The main input was that Messy Church is FUN! We talked about trust and teamwork and the importance of recognising that when we see things differently those insights are always valid, Chris lead us in song, celebrating Kingship – of the Jungle, of the Seas and of the Universe – the Kingship of Jesus.

We finished as usual with a delicious meal of fish fingers, chips and peas followed by fruit pie and ice cream.