This time we explored the Old Testament story of the boy Samuel helping in the temple and being called by God.  We made a big temple out of our pulpit and junk!  Everybody made their own Samuel in his bed to take home and a megaphone to be a very loud voice from God in our worship.  There was also a message game with a bottle thing whizzing along two strings so you’ll have to look at the photos to see what that was about!

In our worship we acted out the story with the old priest Eli in bed inside the temple and little Samuel in bed on the other side of chapel.  As Jim told the story Samuel scampered across to wake up Eli and then with head down in dejection headed back to bed.  After Eli told him what to do and the loud voice of God from everybody else called his name, Samuel climbed out of bed, knelt down beside it with hands together and said, OK Lord, I’m listening.

So that was our thought for the day that, when God plants an idea in our mind, we too should respond with, OK God, I’m listening.