Today we looked at the story of the sower. He scattered his seeds of corn and some fell on the road and was eaten, some fell on stony ground and was parched, some fell amongst thorns and was choked, but some fell on good ground and grew into healthy plants giving grain even beyond expectation.  The challenge for us it to accept the word of God as if in good soil so that we grow and respond to God’s love, even in exceptional ways.

All the activities had the theme of seeds. Some made a coaster with seeds embedded in clay, some made bracelets from strings of seeds threaded together, some made petals for a flower, each petal incorporating a prayer. There was also the chance to plant a seed to take home and grow. It was planted in a see-through plastic beaker so you can see what happens. Fun was had making and decorating a hat with a beak at the front to simulate the birds that eat the seed that falls by the wayside. The older ones had great fun with lashings of paint creating a a magnificent scene of the story with all its elements.

Worship celebrated all these activities and reminded us of the response we need to make to the message we receive from God. Once again we had an action video song which got everyone moving.

A delicious meal of burgers and all the trimmings with sweetcorn, followed by chocolate roll and ice cream, was enjoyed by all.