We considered the bible passage Genesis 1:26-31 that tells us God made people in his own image, gave them power over animals, provided plants for food and then said that all of creation is good. So Christine led us to think that we should care for the earth just as God does. Part of that was to learn about pollinating and the importance of looking after insects as they do that for us.

Our focus was very much on practical things that we all can do. So everyone made a Bug Hotel to take home! A graffiti wall, left in church, gave ideas the children thought of. Growing trees is important so the children each grew a tree on paper by using a blob of paint and blowing out its branches with a straw. We all watched ice melting and making life difficult for some animals. As well as taking home their bug hotel, the children took home a tree to plant and a decorative paper plate with pegs on to remind them of things they could do day by day.

In worship we sang Think of a world without any flowers to remind us of the urgency. Later we sang He’s got the whole world in his hands and but used a different last line…and God needs a bit of help from us. In between some lovely photographs helped Christine to explain our part in helping God.

We all enjoyed sausages in a bun followed by rolly-poly and ice cream before heading fro home with all the things we had made.