The Still Small Voice

Elijah went into the mountain and was afraid experiencing fire, wind and earthquake. But he found God not in the dramatic events but in the stillness which he also found. We too can find God in the quietest parts of our lives. We don’t have to search for God in the spectacular events of the day.

It was sad that there were many other conflicting events on today, and only a small number of children were able to attend. However, the weather was great and we were able to use the garden and we had plenty of space to build a wigwam of fire, play a race with ballons using only the power of your breath, and build a scene with clay and sand which became the scene of an earthquake. There was also the chance to paint a scary face on a paper plate.

The worship really did involve us all in responding to certain words in the story. In particular, we used a collection of home-made drums to represent the thunder.