This month our theme waw “Wonderful World”. It was a chance to celebrate all the amazing things we see about us and all the skills and talents that we have. It was also a time to remind ourselves that we need to look after this wonderful world and see that it is not spoilt by our negligence either in poluting our surroundings or in faling to help and provide for those whose world does not appear wonderful at the moment.

It was a lovely sunny afternoon so we were able to work outside and eventually eat outside. there seemed to be an extra spring in everyone’s step, enjoying the freedom of the outdoors. Using the garden, MIke set up a safari adventure in which the children had to find a host of animals, shells etc hidden among the trees and borders. This seemes to generate lots of excitement. The children also had the chance to write or draw on a “prayer quilt” those things that they thought wonderful in the world. There was also the chance to make a bird feeder to remind us to look after God’s creatures. Also there were some very imaginative sock puppets made. Others had fun shaping bread dough into a variety of animals – the bread was later baked and the children took home (or ate immediately) their creations.

The service of worship brought together these ideas of the variety of God’s creation and how amazing it is – the wonderful world which can make us say “WOW!”. We are reminded that this is God’s world and it is our responsibility to look after it properly.

Tea outside was a very satisfying selections of hot-dogs, pizzas and salads followed by ice cream, jelly and cakes (including George’s birthday cake!).