The Last Supper

This session explored the ideas of the Passover meal, of the Last Supper and of its conection with the Communion Service of today.

For the first time we decided to tell the opening story in the Wesley room, sitting on the floor. I think everyone found this a very positive experience. Jim took us through a series of pictures relating to the contents and events of the Last Supper.

The craft activities involved creating all the items needed for the Passover meal. A large white tablecloth was decorated with paints, using brushes or stamps with images or messages, and also with colourful stickers. One exercise involved trying to put together torn flatbreads like a jigsaw puzzle, but the breads were later used for the Last Supper enactment. A huge variety of colourful stckers were used to decorate plastic wine glasses to create goblets for the “wine”. The children enjoyed tasting the bitterness of lemons and herbs and tried to capture their facial expressions in a drawing. The bitter tastes reminded the Jewish people of their past unhappiness. To balance this, children made up plates to represent their favourite foods for the banquet. The older children created a “door” through which we entered the church for the banquet.

In the worship Jim was able to use all the items that the children had made. The table was prepared with the decorated tablecloth. Then the children brought out the goblets, the bread, the bitter tasting foods and the favourite foods and placed them on the table. Jim retold the story explaining the elements and the significance for our worship today.

As usual, there was a plentiful meal to follow; shepherds pie and vegetables followed by ice cream with either swiss roll or an apple tart.