The theme for today’s Messy Church was “Our Community” linked to the parable of the Mustard seed which is very small but which produces a plant that is by no means small. For “Our Community” the children were invited to think about the whole variety of places, people and things to do in and around Horwich and to think about how we contribute to making Horwich a good place in which to live. We may feel we can do little to affect our community but like the mustard seed, each of our small efforts can combine to make big things happen. In cooperation we can bring all our christian values to bear on all the things we do at school, at home or in our leisure activities.

To support this theme the craft activities required cooperation to achieve success. A “parachute game” involved several people trying to manipulate objects on a large sheet just by moving the edges of the sheet. Another activity was to make linked hands which illustrate people helping and being helped – it is a two way process. Then there was plantinng of small seeds to be taken home so that they can be watched growing. Finally, an exercise requiring discussion to try to identify things, people and events in our community from photographs – the photographs were then displayed attached to the cross.

In worship the need to keep the cross and the christian values it represents at the centre of our community – just as it was the support for the photographs of the community. The need to be the best we can be whatever we are doing will make a difference and the more we are all working together the bigger that difference will be. Our prayers and thoughts were for our community.

Children seemed to enjoy the afternoon which ended as usual with a meal enjoyed all together.