Messy Church this month explored ideas about the Holy Spirit. The idea of the flame being lifelike and its use to represent the spirit alive in all of us was developed and a banner of colourful flames was produced. The concept of the fruits of the spirit was also developed. A large tree with many branches was made in the craft session. At another table different fruits were drawn and cut out and on each friut was written a possible “friut” (eg patience) and how we would recognise it.

There was also a game of the spirit in which you had to follow somone’s instructions to copy someone else’s Lego building but, of course you couldn’t look. Also, by popular demand, to fit the theme of fruit, the exercise of “apple bobbing” was repeated and everyone enjoyed the challenge and the getting wet.

The service followed the same theme. During the time in church the fruits that had been made were brought to the tree and pinned on it so that all could see what fruits had been discovered and discussed.

The hungry crowd then enjoyed a meal of fish pie or fish fingers and a variety of puddings.

The pictures below show some of the activities. Click on an individual picture to enlarge it.