Dry Bone Valley

This session reflected on the Old Testament story in which the prophet Ezekiel dreamed of a valley of  bones of a slain people. But in the dream God brings the bones together as a skeleton , then puts the flesh back on the bones and finally breathes new life (the wind) into their bodies. Ezekiel realises that God is telling his people that though they be slaves, they should be filled with life as if the wind was driving them.

The number of children attending today was low because many were either away for a half term break or were attending events elsewhere. But the adults enjoyed participating and the good weather allowed us to work in the garden. Two main activities were most popular. Using pipe-cleaners, little figures were constructed which resembled coloured skeletons. Everyone also had fun creating huge masses of bubbles by blowing through a bottle into a soapy solution. The “wind” so created became a frenzy of applying bubbles to each other, to hair and even onto one of the trees in the garden.

For worship the story was illustrated again and then fish fingers and chips in the garden finished off a great afternoon.