Our topic was Your body is a temple [1 Corinthians 6: 19].  The children made a face on a paper plate using fruit so just think what you might use as eyes, nose and mouth.  Not surprisingly they were all different, each one unique, and that of course was the point with the fruit emphasising health.  The fact that we are all different was also brought out in a big poster of hand prints in different colours. Everyone made a small person by fixing body parts in card together – these model people could do lots of things, some that real people can’t! A game of body beetle where each limb is given a different value was lots of fun.  As we were out in the garden in wonderful sunshine we could do apple bobbing that involves getting rather wet about the face and hair.  It is not at all easy to catch an apple with your teeth underwater!  Some of the things we can do are not easy and it takes great determination to stick with it.  The worship was led by our minister, Revd Jennifer McKenzie.  We had a couple of songs that we sung to a video.  We gave thanks to God that we are all different and with different abilities to offer.  Remembering the apple bobbing we learned that it is not always easy to do the things that we are capable of doing.  We ended with a meal in the garden for around 30 people.