With the Olympic Games almost upon us again, the topic chosen was designed to show how we can work and achieve our goals through teamwork. Jim began by showing photos of different sports that require teamwork. In football everyone has a different job to make the team win. In rowing everyone must do exacly the same. In cycling, the team is working to help one member be a winner. In a relay race each member does part of the whole. The last photo showed Jesus and his desciples and we learnd that we are all part of Team Jesus.

Outside in the sunshine the children made a number of things. They cleverly created the 5 Olympic rings by threading fruit on a string, the fruit being the colours of the rings. They also made and decorated a baton. Then they made a winner’s medal. Next Kathryn led them in a series of three athletics games in which they worked as teams (shot put, golf and hurdles).

In the service we remembered the nead for teamwork and showed it by completing a baton passing game across the church. Everyone was then photographed in a team photo showing their medals. Finally we were all reminded that we are all part of Team Jesus, and working together we can make the world a better place by being the workers for Jesus.