The theme for today was “I’m not doing that!” It was based upon the description of Jesus washing the feet of the desciples, a task normally undertaken by servants or children in the household when a guest arrives with dusty feet after a long walk. Although it seems a very lowly talk, Jesus says that we must also be servants in our daily lives of following him.

The Juky weather was good so we all enjoyed doing all our activities in the garden. Many of the activities mere based on feet. Great fun was had dipping feet in paint and making a footprint on paper. Of course, the feet then had to be washed. Then there was the “paw hunt”. Paw marks on paper of a variety of animals were scattered around the garden. The children had to find the different paw prints and stick them onto a sheet in the correct place – not as easy as it seems as some prints are very similar! There was also the chance to make “Servant – King” puppets.  These were two-dimensional characters decorated on both sides, one side as a servant and the other as a king. The children also made “Thank-You” cards to give to those who do jobs that others might not like to do.

The service picked up the theme of the servant king and it was followed by a simple but enjoyable meal of sausages in a bread roll with cheese and salad.