We were blessed with another sunny day and so we were all out in the garden again.  Jim introduced the story of Jesus meeting a woman beside a well and promising to give her ‘Living Water’. After that came lots of activities with children making their own very colourful picture of the story.  They also made a model well out of paper and card to take home.  A very popular activity was making an edible well based on a cup-cake.  Just how many of those made it home we are not sure!  Probably the most fun and showing just how lively water can be was the apple bobbing.  Apples float on water and are not easy to get hold of if you can only use your teeth!  Most children ended up with a wet face and wet hair so towels were the order of the day.  Not surprisingly there was a lot of splashing but none of that mattered as it just watered the grass.

In worship we looked at a picture of an African well where the water was not clean and later in our prayer we gave thanks for charities like Christian Aid that try to provide good water for everyone.  Images of clean bubbling water led us on recognise what Jesus was getting at.  Allowing God to be at work inside us can be like a fountain of life and later in our prayer we prayed that together we might be a waterfall of love for our world. Finally we sang Jesus’ love is very wonderful whilst doing all the actions that go with the song.

Then it was back into the garden to find the tables now laid for a meal.  About 45 people, including the 23 children enjoyed having pasty and beans followed by jelly and ice cream.  For some of us it was a welcome time to relax and chat.  For others, energised by the food, it meant more time to play in a lovely garden.