On a beautiful, hot summer’s day it was perfect to consider the theme “Body Bits”. The sssion sought to show that our body only works properly when all its parts are working together – brain, eyes, ears, fingers, legs etc. So the body of Christ only works when all the talents, skills and different understandings about God work together.

The young participants had a great time outdoors exercising all their skills whether it be in art and design, or in playing football, skipping, hoola-hoop or ball and raquet games.

In the church was laid out a giant outline of a person. Each person had to decide which part of the body they wanted to be and then they sat in that part within the outline. It was fun trying to follow instructions such as “shake the right leg”. Did it mean each person shakes their leg or did it mean all those within the right leg of the outline person had to shake a leg? THere was plenty of discussion durig the afternoon about whether one part of the body or one skill was more important than another – but it always came down to “”No”.

The meal of hotdogs and pizza was taken outside and it was not long before everyone was enjoyin a few more games before it was time to go home.