The session was based on Luke 2.25-38   Baby Jesus with Anna and Simeon

In this story we see baby Jesus with his mothre and father and also with the elderly Simeon and Anna who have been waiting in expectation of seing the promised Messiah. Jim took from the story the three generations together and the way in which everyone whatever their age or experience can be part of God’s community of faith.

The activities included tryingn to imagine what you would look like when you became old – face painting and grey-hair wigs helped stir the imagination. The adults also provided photos of themselves as chilren and fun was had trying to work out who was who. There were also trials of patience with challenges to untagle wool or to get a jelly baby intact out of a frozen block of ice. Finally there was a challenge to make a face (old, young or in the middle) on a plate out of fruit.

The act of worship celebrated the community of differeing ages. A great meal of spaghetti bolognaise followed by apple strudel and custard sent everyone home satisfied.