The theme for today was “The Pharisee and the Tax Collector” which explores the way in which we approach God in prayer. We may either be pleased with ourselves (the Pharisee) and compare our devotion to that of others, or we can come contrite recognising our failings and asking for God’s help (the Tax Collector).

Jim introduced the story with a picture illustrating the story and asking questions about the characters.

The children had great fun dressing up (theortically as either Pharisee or Tax Collector, but you would not have noticed a difference!) and then having their photograph taken and printed on the spot. The active ones (that is most of them) enjoyed completing an obstacle course in which they needed to “get down low” to get under nets and poles.The craft activities involved making very attractive prayer boxes and doing a weaving to make a prayer mat.

In the service Jim expanded on the story and there was a  wonderful depiction of the different attitudes by some of the older children.

Of course everyone enjoyed the meal of pasta with chicken casserole followed by jelly and ice cream.