This time the theme was “Love Rules”. We took as our background, the story of Mary and Martha. The sisters were friends of Jesus and Martha invited him for a meal. Martha became annoyed because while she was in the kitchen doing all the preparation, Mary was sitting at the feet of Jesus listening to what he had to say. We sense Martha saying, or at least thinking, “Thar’s not fair!”. Jesus does not rebuke Martha or ask Mary to go and help. He suggests that she doesn’t need to worry about her preparations and supports both sisters.

We explored how we are all a little bit Martha or a littlew bit Mary and in liking to be active or tobe quietly listening. Brian showed a picture of his twin grandchildren and described how one was better at sport and one liked learning from books. Everyone was asked to indicate what sort of things they liked doing by holding up green (for “yes”) or red (for “No”) cards when asked questions. We learned that both doing and listening are important but without listening we cannot learn and without listening we cannot show people that we care about them and love them. So listening is at the heart of “Love Rules”.

The craft time was spent making a number of things connected with “Love Rules”, using hearts as a central theme – lollipop flowers, linked hearts, decorated flowerpots planted with bulbs and with labels saying “doing” on one side and “listening” on the other. To express the anger of Martha there were some super volcanos made with vinegar and baking powder. The older members made some excellent clay models which might have been the characters of the Mary and Martha story.