Who is Jesus?

The theme “Who is Jesus?” was addressed by reference to Jesus as a “Mender” – through his love and care which he shares with us all, he can mend a broken world, he can mend relationships whether personal or between states. He can look after his world to see that it is in harmony. But often he does this in unexpected ways which surprise us and sometimes confuse us.

The theme was centred around the story of “The Mole and the Little Bird” in which young Mole rescues a baby bird which had fallen from its nest. Mole takes the bird home and looks after it because he loves it. He has not realised that it belongs in the great outdoors until his grandad takes him to a high hill to see all the birds as part of nature and flying around. Mole realises his mistake and (reluctantly at first)  lets the bird go free.  We often need Jesus to point to the best solutions to our problems.

Children made crosses, Jesus plates, edible birds nests, get well cards and model birds. In worship children helped “mend” a picture (jig-saw) the final piece of which was in the shape of a cross to show that it is Jesus who brings everything together.