Two Tiny Coins

Our story today saw Jesus with his disciples watching people give money to the temple.  A poor widow gave only two small coins but Jesus said she had given more than anyone because she had so little. We made two coins – out of chocolate! Then we made a colourful necklace and two wooden spoon puppets, one rich and one poor. We looked at some clever optical illusions and tried to make the tallest tower of coins.

In our worship we acted out the story by parading along with our noses in the air and dropping lots of coins from a great height into the collection box.  After that we all crept along looking at the floor and put the chocolate coins we had made into the box – actually our mouths served as the box this time! Thinking about the story a bit more we realised that it’s not just about money. It encouraged us to find ways of being generous in other ways too such as with our friendship and with our time.

To end we sang one of our favourite songs, Wide and long and high a deep …is the love of Jesus.  Then we all had a delicious meal together.