The theme was the story of Jesus healing the blind man, Bartimaeus [Mark 10: 46-52].  After introducing the story with pictures the 26 children who came did a range of activities.  They made a pair of faces, one happy and one sad, using paper plates. Used back to back they fitted over a hand and were used in re-telling the story to illustrate the changing emotions of Bartimaeus. Each of the children was given an eye mask so that they could experience what it might be like to be blind.  They tried painting a picture whilst blindfolded with the help of someone who could see.  They made a feely picture out of textured materials.  Again with the help of someone who could see they picked their way through an obstacle course whilst blindfolded.  Finally they were able to listen to a series of everyday sounds to see if they could identify what they were.  In the brief act of worship that followed the story was told by puppets and using a sequence of pictures.  We admired Bartimaeus’ determination in trying again and again to see Jesus.  We also noted that Jesus was always doing this kind of stuff, bringing people who were usually left out of things into the community.  In this case Bartimaeus became one of the group who followed Jesus.  After a short prayer we all sang ‘Thank you Lord for this fine day’ accompanied by a piano and about 26 percussionists!!  The session ended with a meal of chicken and pasta served to around 45 people.