The time has come again to anticipate the festival of Christmas with its “oh-so-familiar” stories. For this last Messy Church of the year it was decided to concentrate on the story of the shepherds – receiving the news of the Holy Birth from the angels and visiting the stable to greet the child and bring their gifts.

The craft work involved creating a cardboard stable big enough for two people to sit inside. You can see from the photographs below how well this was done in less than an hour. In addition a large mobile of decorated angels was made and there were lots of small angels decorating the scene. We even had shepherds’ crooks and a sheepdog to help look after the flock (all prepared in advance by Chris).  The story was told with plenty of pauses to sing a “Glory to God”.

Although a number of children who usually attend were absent due to commitments elsewhere, everyone seemed to enjoy the session and there was a good appetite for sausages and beans with mashed potato or pasta.

The photographs below show some of the activities.