After 8 years and with over 120 children involved over that time, we have decided that we are no longer able to offer Messy Church at St John’s. This is partly because the planning team members are getting older but also because we are losing a number of participants who will be going to secondary school and fall out of the age range for Messy Church. Although we do continue to attract new young children our small numbers make it difficult to plan with certainty. Messy Church is available at St Elizabeth’s Church on Saturdays and there is a group available for older children via Churches together.

You can read below all the activities we have enjoyed over the years.

See St Elizabeth’s Church for their Messy Church


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June 2019 – Safe and Sound

May 2019 – Caring for God’s Creation

March 2019 – Listening and Learning

Lanuary 2019 – The Money Puzzle

November 2018 – For God so loved….

October 2018 – The Boy who was Sorry

June 2018 – Remembering – By the Rivers of Babylon

April 2018 – Two Tiny Coins

March 2018 – Consider the Birds of the Air

February 2018 – Samuel helping in the Temple

November 2017 – Special Message

October 2017 – Inasmuch… – Our World Family – The story of Send a Cow

July 2017 – The parables of the hidden treasure and the pearl

May 2017 – The Still Small Voice

March 2017 – Mothering Sunday

February 2017 – The story of Simeon and Anna

November 2016 Messy Church – The Wise Men

October 2016 Messy Church – Healing the The Paralysed Man

July 2016 Messy Church – Go Team Jesus!

June 2016 Messy Church – Dry Bone Valley

April 2016 Messy Church – Tell the Story

March 2016 Messy Church – The Last Supper

February 2016 Messy Church – The Temptations of Jesus

January 2016 Messy Church – Pets and Peace

November 2015 Messy Church – Lighting up the World

October 2015 Messy Church – The Parable of the Sower

September 2015 Messy Church – The Biggest Party Ever

July 2015 Messy Church – I’m not doing that!

June 2015 Messy Church – Your body is a temple

April 2015 Messy Church – Jesus healing the blind man, Bartimaeus

March 2015 Messy Church – Our Community

February 2015 Messy Church – The Pharisee and the Tax Collector

January 2015 Messy Church – The Lord’s Prayer

November 2014 Messy Church – Powerlessness at Christmas

October 2014  Messy Church – Light up the Darkness

September 2014  Messy Church – The Man who wanted Bigger Barns

July 2014 Messy Church  –  Living Water

June 2014 Messy Church – The Holy Spirit , Wind

May 2014 Messy Church – Wonderful World

April 2014 Messy Church – Garden of Gethsemane

February 2014 Messy Church – Love Rules , Mary and Martha

January 2014 Messy Church – Families

November 2013 Messy Church – Story of the shepherds

July 2013 Messy Church – Body Bits

May 2013 Messy Church – The Good Samaritan

April 2013 Messy Church – The Prodigal Son

March 2013 Messy Church – Fruits of the Spirit

February 2013 Messy Church – Who is Jesus

November 2012 Messy Church – Messy Christmas

October 2012 Messy Church – I am the True Vine

September 2012 Messy Church – Jesus stays in the Temple

Messy Olympics – July 2012