MillerVisit-1It was 4 years ago that Bill and Ellie Miller from North Carolina were last with us to help fill a temporary gap in the ordained ministry in Horwich. During their short stay they made many friends. It was therefore a wonderful occasion to welcome them back to Horwich on Sunday 21st April 2013.

They joined the congregation for morning worship and communion. Rev Jennifer took as the theme the overwhelming importance of a relationship with God. Faith is not something that can be defined as in a dictionary definition or by completing a checklist of characteristics. It’s nature becomes known within that relationship with God through Jesus Christ.

After the service a large section of the congregation stayed to join Bill and Ellie for lunch. Many friendships were renewed and news exchanged. It was surprising just how up to date Bill was with what has been happening in Horwich and with ministerial colleagues who have left Bolton.

The meal itslef was thoroughly enjoyed by all. It was obvious that the luncheon club and Messy Church have helped to hone considerable skills in providing excellent meals which would be appreciated in many a restaurant charging much more than our modest subscription to the meal.

We sincerely hope to see Bill and Ellie back in Horwich before too long. Below is a series of photos taken during their visit. To see a bigger version of the pictures click on a picture and move forwards or backwards through them.